Signature Pineapple Tart




The BEST Pineapple Tart is BACK, better and improved!

Using 100% French cultured butter, Mr Roti’s Signature Pineapple Tart is at a whole new level of tastiness and yumminess!

At Mr Roti, we handmake each little golden morsel to have a super buttery cripsy texture and fill the inside with a soft chewy golden-color pineapple jam that will simply melt in your mouth. Together, they are just heavenly good!


使用100 %的法国发酵奶油, Mr Roti 的【精选脆皮凤梨酥】已达到美味中的全新境界!

在Mr Roti, 这款手工制作的小金球有一种超级牛油味和脆皮的质感, 里面填满是一个柔软的嚼金色凤梨馅. 在一起, 他们简直太棒了!